2024 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • A. Romanovska, M. Schmidt, V. Brandt, J. Tophoven, J.C. Tiller
    Controlling the function of bioactive worm micelles by enzyme-cleavable non-covalent inter-assembly cross-linking
  • F. Schneck, P.O. Kruse, D. Hesse-Hornich, N.F. Lopes Dias, W. Tillmann, R. Jerusalem, M. Maricanov, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller, U.A. Handge
    Combination of a Viscoelastic and a Tribological Analysis of a Low-Density Polyethylene with a High Degree of Cross-linking
    Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 2400042 (2024)

2022 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • D. Segiet, S. Weckes, J. Austermuehl, J.C. Tiller, F. Katzenberg
    On the influence of the amorphous phase on the stability of crystals in poly(cis-1,4-isoprene) networks
    Journal of Applied Polymer Science e53146 (2022)
  • S. A. Wilhelm, M. Maricanov, V. Brandt, F. Katzenberg, J. C. Tiller
    Amphiphilic polymer conetworks with ideal and non-ideal swelling behavior demonstrated by small angle X-ray scattering
    Polymer 242, 1, 124582 (2022)
  • P. A. Benitez-Duif, M. Breisch, D. Kurka, K. Edel, S. Gökcay, D. Stangier, W. Tillmann, M. Hijazi, J. C. Tiller
    Ultrastrong Poly(2-Oxazoline)/Poly(Acrylic Acid) Double-Network Hydrogels with Cartilage-Like Mechanical Properties
    Adv. Funct. Mater. 2022, 2204837
  • M. Milovanovic, N. Rauner, E. Civelek, T. Holtermann, O. El Jid, M. Meuris, V. Brandt, J. C. Tiller
    Enzyme-induced ferrication of hydrogels for toughening of functional inorganic compounds
    Macromol. Mater. Eng. 2022, 2200051

2021 Peer Reviewed Articles

2020 Peer Reviewed Articles

2019 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Shape Memory Effect, Shock- and Energy-Absorption Capability of Critically Cross-Linked Syndiotactic Polypropylene
    Materials Today – Proceedings 16, 1531-1537 (2019)
  • D. Segiet, J.C. Tiller, F. Katzenberg
    Tunable Swelling Kinetics of Shape-Memory Poly(2-Ethyl-2-Oxazoline)-Networks
    Materials Today – Proceedings 16, 1554-1559, (2019)
  • L. Benski, M. Hijazi, F. Arfeen, C. Krumm, J.C. Tiller
    Antimicrobial telechelic partially hydrolyzed poly(2-oxazoline)s with two modes of action
    ACS, Volume 257, Meeting Abstract 611, (2019)
  • A. Romanovska, M. Schmidt, C. Krumm, J.C. Tiller
    Poly(2-oxazoline) conjugates with antibiotics
    ACS, Volume 257, Meeting Abstract 513, (2019)
  • M. Milovanovic, N. Rauner, M. Meuris, J.C. Tiller
    Ultrastiff and tough organic/inorganic double network hydrogels
    ACS, Volume 257, Meeting Abstract 436, (2019)
  • J.C. Tiller, A. Strassburg, C. Krumm
    Fast acting antimicrobial polyionens: Activity-structure relationships, self-deactivation, and hydrogels
    ACS, Volume 257, Meeting Abstract 119, (2019)
  • S. Wilhelm, M. Leurs, S. Konieczny, B. Dorn, M. Manisegaran, J.C. Tiller
    Chemically modified proteins as highly selective artificial metalloenzymes
    ACS, Volume 257, Meeting Abstract 377, (2019)

2018 Peer Reviewed Articles

2017 Peer Reviewed Articles


2016 Peer Reviewed Articles

2015 Peer Reviewed Articles

2014 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • F. Katzenberg, R. Hoeher, D. Quitmann, J.C. Tiller
    Shape-Memory Natural Rubber (SMNR): An Exceptional Material for Storing Strain, Cold and Energy
    Macro 2014, Chiang Mai (2014)
  • F. Katzenberg, R. Hoeher, D. Quitmann, J.C. Tiller
    Shape Memory Properties of Natural Rubber
    MACRO 2014, Chiang Mai (2014)
  • R. Hoeher, T. Raidt, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Tunable Multiple-Shape Memory Effect of Lightly Cross-linked Polyethylene Blends
    MACRO 2014, Chiang Mai (2014)
  • R. Hoeher, T. Raidt, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Extending the Limits of Shape Memory Polymers: World Record in Strain Storage
    MACRO 2014, Chiang Mai (2014)
  • D. Quitmann, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Environmental memory of shape memory natural rubber
    MACRO 2014, Chiang Mai (2014)
  • D. Quitmann, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Solvent sensitive reversible stress answer of shape memory natural rubber
    MACRO 2014, Chiang Mai (2014)
  • D. Quitmann, R. Hoeher, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Shape Memory Natural Rubber
    248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco (2014), Polymer Materials Science & Engineering
  • F. Katzenberg, R. Hoeher, J. C. Tiller
    Shape Memory Effect of Natural Rubber
    Polymertec 2014, Merseburg, (2014)
  • R. Hoeher, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Tunable Multishape Memory Polyethylene Blend
    Polymertec 2014, Merseburg, (2014)
  • C. Krumm, J.C. Tiller
    Bioswitchable antimicrobial Poly(2-methyloxazoline)s
    248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco (2014), Polymer Chemistry
  • C. Krumm, C.J. Waschinski, C.P. Fik, J.C. Tiller
    Controlling the antimicrobial activity of Poly(2-methyloxazoline)s by the SG-effect
    248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco (2014), Polymer Chemistry
  • N. Rauner, M. Meuris, S. Dech, J. Godde, J.C. Tiller
    Selective CaCO3 formation within Hydrogels
    248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco (2014), Polymer Chemistry

2013 Peer Reviewed Articles

2012 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • B. Heuwers, D. Quitmann, F. Katzenberg, J. C. Tiller
    Stress-induced melting of crystals in natural rubber: a new way to tailor the transition temperature of shape memory polymers
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications 33 (18), 1517-1522 (2012)
  • C.H. Ho, M. Thiel, S. Celik, E. Odermatt, I. Berndt, R. Thomann, J. C. Tiller
    Conventional and microwave-assisted synthesis of highly branched polylysine towards amphiphilic core-shell nanocontainers for metal nanoparticles
    Polymer 53 (21), 4623-4630 (2012)
  • S. Konieczny, C.P. Fik, N.J.H. Averesch, J.C. Tiller
    Organosoluble Enzyme Conjugates with Poly(oxazoline)s via Pyromellitic Acid Dianhydride
    Journal of Biotechnology 159, 195-203 (2012)
  • C.P. Fik, C. Krumm, C. Münnig, T.I. Baur, U. Salz, T. Bock, J.C. Tiller
    Impact of Functional Satellite Groups on the Antimicrobial Activity Hemocompatibility of Telechelic Poly(2-methyloxazoline)s
    Biomacromolecules 13 (1), 165-172 (2012)
  • F. Siedenbiedel, J.C. Tiller
    Antimicrobial Polymers in Solution and on Surfaces: Overview and Functional Principles
    Polymers 4 (1), 46-71 (2012)
  • S. Dech, V. Wruk, C.P. Fik, J.C. Tiller
    Amphiphilic Polymer Conetworks Derived from Aqueous Solutions for Biocatalysis in Organic Solvents
    Polymer 53 (3), 701-707 (2012)
  • C. Krumm, C.P. Fik, M. Meuris, G.J. Dropalla, H. Geltenpoth, A. Sickmann, J.C. Tiller
    Well-defined amphiphilic poly(2-oxazoline) ABA triblock copolymers and their aggregation behavior in aqueous solution
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications 33, 1677-1682 (2012)


  • B. Heuwers, D. Quitmann, R. Hoeher, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Shape memory properties of lightly cross-linked natural rubber
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 106, 515 (2012)
  • B. Heuwers, D. Quitmann, F. Katzenberg, J.C. Tiller
    Mechanically triggered shape memory polymer
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 106, 196 (2012)
  • F. Katzenberg, B. Heuwers, J.C. Tiller
    Natural rubber for strain- cold- and energy-storage
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 106, 203 (2012)
  • S. Konieczny, J.C. Tiller
    Organosoluble polymer enzyme conjugates with poly(oxazoline)s
    Polymer Preprints ACS 53 (1), 356-357 (2012)
  • C. Krumm, J.C. Tiller
    Amphiphilic telechelic ABA triblock copolymers based on oxazolines
    Polymer Preprints ACS 53 (1), 347-348 (2012)
  • M. Thiel, M. Milbradt, G. Cordes, J.C. Tiller
    Impregnated amphiphilic polymer conetwork membranes for chiral separation
    Polymer Preprints ACS 53 (1), 105-106 (2012)
  • J.C. Tiller, C.P. Fik, A. Bieser, C. Waschinski
    Telechelic bioactive poly(2-oxazoline)s with biofunctional and satellite end groups
    Polymer Preprints ACS 53 (1), 316-317 (2012)
  • P. von Czarnecki, A. Kampert, S. Barbe, J.C. Tiller
    Study on the oxidative decomposition of bifunctional aryloxalate esters as potential linkers for controlled release networks
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering Preprints 53 (1), (2012)

2011 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • C. P. Fik, S. Konieczny, C. Krumm, I. Schönfeld, J.C. Tiller
    Telechelic Poly(oxazoline)s for Bioactive Conjugates
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications 32 (2), F73-F74 (2011)

2010 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • J.C. Tiller, C.H. Ho
    Hyperbranched polylysine-synthesis, characterization and applications
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 102, 13965-13966 (2010)
  • J. Schaup, F. Katzenberg Phase diagram of PMMA/PVDF-blends and effect of mixture-intensity on crystallization behaviorPolymer Materials Science & Engineering 102, 5951-5952 (2010)

2009 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • N.A. Hadjiantoniou, C.S. Patrickios, Y. Thomann, J.C. Tiller
    Amphiphilic Conetworks Based on End-Linked Multiblock Copolymers of Different Numbers of Blocks and Constant Molecular Weight and Composition
    Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 210, 942-950 (2009)
  • A. P. Barbosa, M. Stranz, F. Katzenberg, et. al.
    Cryogenic mechanical milling of high density polyethylene
    e-Polymers 096 (2009)

2008 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • J. C. Tiller, C. Waschinski, A. Fuchs, A. Bieser
    Design and Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Surfaces
    Macromolecular Rapid Communications 29 (4), F37-F38 (2008)
  • J.C. Tiller
    Coatings for Prevention or Deactivation of Biological Contamination
    Developments in Surface Contamination and Cleaning. Eds. Rajiv Kohli and K.L. Mittal, William Andrew, Norwich, NY, USA, 1013-1065 (2008)

2007 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • J.C. Tiller
    Polymere Biocide
    GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift 51 (11), 926-927 (2007)
  • J.C. Tiller
    Self-sterilising surfaceses
    Nachrichten aus der Chemie 5 (5), 499-502 (2007)
  • A.M. Bieser, J.C. Tiller
    Structure and Properties of an Exceptional Low Molecular Weight Hydrogelator
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (46), 13180-13187 (2007)
  • G. Kali, T.K. Georgiou, B. Ivan, C.S. Patrickios, E. Loizou, Y. Thomann, J.C. Tiller
    Synthesis and Characterization of Anionic Amphiphilic Model Conetwork of 2-Butyl-1-Octyl-Methacrylate and Methacrylic Acid: Effects of Polymer Composition and Architecture
    Langmuir 23 (21), 10746-10755 (2007)
  • C.J. Waschinski, J.C. Tiller
    Bitelechelic polymers with biocidal end groups
    Speciality Chemicals Magazine 27 (5), 44-45 (2007)
  • G. Kali, T.K. Georgiou, B. Ivan, C.S. Patrickios, E. Loizou, Y. Thomann, J.C. Tiller
    Synthesis and Characterization of Anionic Amphiphilic Conetworks Based on Methacrylic Acid and Methyl Methacrylate: Effects of Composition and Architecture
    Macromolecules 40 (6), 2192-2200 (2007)
  • S. Rehwald, M. Berndt, F. Katzenberg, S. Schieger, E. Runge, K. Schierbaum, D. Zerulla
    Tunable nanowires: An additional degree of freedom in plasmonics
    Physical Review B 76, 085420 (2007)
  • M.Meuris, U.Köster
    Mikrostruktur von Muschelschalen und Schneckengehäusen – biologische Verbundmaterialien
    Fortschritte in der Metallographie, Praktische Metallographie, Sonderband 39, 255-260 (2007)


  • J.C. Tiller, G. Metral, J. Wentland
    Novel release system with enzymatic trigger
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 97, 720-721 (2007)
  • R.S. Ladisch, N. Bruns, J.C. Tiller
    Advantages and limitations of biocatalysts in amphiphilic conetworks
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 97, 607-608 (2007)
  • C.H. Ho, J.C. Tiller
    Novel synthesis routes towards polylysines
    Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 97, 553-554 (2007)
  • C.H. Ho, T.V. Richter, J.C. Tiller
    Protecting Group Free Synthesis of Linear and Hyperbranched Polysines
    Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 1 (2), F22-F23 (2007)
  • G. Kali, T.K. Georgiou, B. Ivan, C.S. Patrickios, E. Loizou, Y. Thomann, J.C. Tiller
    Nanophase separated anionic amphiphilic model conetworks based on methacrylic acid
    NSTI Nanotech, Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, USA, 2, 60-63 (2007)
  • U. Köster, L.Jastrow, M.Meuris
    Oxidation of Cu60Zr30Ti10 Metallic Glasses
    Mater.Sci.Eng., 165-168 (2007)

2006 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • J. Tobis, J.C. Tiller
    Synthesis of chiral and temperature-responsive silicone-based conetworks
    Polym. Prepr. 47, 1208-1209 (2006)
  • N. Bruns, J.C. Tiller
    Nanophasic Amphiphilic Conetworks Comprising a Fluorophilic Phase
    Polym. Prepr. 47, 205-206 (2006)
  • J.C. Tiller, N. Bruns, S. Eigner, A. Fauler, J. Scherble
    Switching morpho­logies in biphasic silicone-based conetworks
    Polym. Prepr. 47, 1203-1203 (2006)
  • R.S. Ladisch, J.C. Tiller
    Mechanistic investigations on amphiphilic microbeads as carriers for biocatalysts in organic solvents
    Polym. Prepr. 47, 873-874 (2006)
  • C.J. Waschinski, U. Salz, J. Zimmermann, J.C. Tiller
    Biocidal macromonomers for contact-active polymer networks
    Polym. Prepr. 47, 13-14 (2006)
  • N. Bruns, M. Wiemann, J.C. Tiller
    Amphiphilic polymer conetworks comprising one fluorophilic phase
    Macromolecular Bioscience 6, F55-F56 (2006)

2005 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • A.D. Fuchs, C.J. Waschinski, J.C. Tiller
    Antimicrobial block copolymer emulsifier for contact-active polymer suspensions and surfaces
    Polym Prepr. 46, 1213 (2005)
  • G.C.D. Metral, J.C. Tiller
    Alternative routes to degradable poly(hydrazide) derivatives
    Polym. Prepr. 46, 238 (2005)
  • A.M. Bieser, J.C. Tiller
    Selective formation of supramolecular polymer-like aggregates on surfaces with recognition structures
    Polym. Mater. Sci. Eng. 93, 510 (2005)
  • N. Bruns, G. Savin, J.C. Tiller
    Designing Nanophase-Separated Amphiphilic Networks as Phase Transfer Matrix for Biotransformation in Organic Media.
    Macromol. Rapid. Comm. 26, F33 (2005)

2004 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • C.H. Ho, J. Tobis, C. Sprich, R. Thomann, J.C. Tiller
    Nanoseparated polymeric networks with multiple antimicrobial properties
    Advanced Materials 16, 957-961 (2004)
  • L.Jastrow, U.Köster, M.Meuris
    Catastrophic Oxidation of Zr-TM (Noble Metals) Glasses
    Mater.Sci.Eng. A 375-377, 440-443 (2004)
  • M.Meuris, L.Jastrow, U.Köster
    Einfluss verschiedener Übergangsmetalle auf die Entflammbarkeit schmelzgesponnener Zirkon-Basis Gläser
    Fortschritte in der Metallographie, Sonderbände der Praktischen Metallographie36, 223-228 (2004)


  • J. Waschinski, V. Herdes, J.C. Tiller
    Antimicrobial poly(oxazoline)s
    Polymer Preprints 45, 471-472 (2004)
  • N. Bruns, J.C. Tiller
    Amphiphilic networks improve enzymatic activity in organic solvents
    Polym. Mater. Sci. Eng. 91, 742-743 (2004)
  • J. C. Tiller, G. Savin, N. Bruns, J.Scherble
    Functional biphasic amphiphilic materials nanophases on surface and in bulk
    Polym. Mater. Sci. Eng., 91, 950-951 (2004)

2003 Peer Reviewed Articles


  • J. C. Tiller, C.H. Ho, J. Tobis, R. Thomann
    Microbe-repelling antimicrobial networks loaded with silver nanoparticles
    Polym. Mater. Sci. Eng. 89, 246 (2003)
  • F. Katzenberg, A. Khaddour, D. Peier
    Hydrophobicity Stabilization by Formation of Microstructures on Silicon Surfaces
    ISH-2003, Netherlands

2002 Peer Reviewed Articles

  • J.C. Tiller, R. Rieseler, P. Berlin, D. Klemm
    Stabilization of Activity of Oxidoreductases by Their Immobilization onto Special Functionalized Glass and Novel Aminocellulose Film Using Different Coupling Reagents
    Biomacro­molecules 3, 1021-1029 (2002)
  • J.C. Tiller, S.B. Lee, K.A. Lewis, M. Klibanov
    Polymer surfaces derivatized with poly(vinyl-N-hexylpyridinium) kill airborne and waterborne bacteria
    Biotechnology and Bioengineering 79, 465-471 (2002)
  • J. Lin, J.C. Tiller, S.B. Lee, K. Lewis, A.M. Klibanov
    Insights into bactericidal action of surface-attached poly(vinyl-N-hexylpyridinium) chains.
    Biotechnology Letters 24, 801-805 (2002)
  • C. Aymonier, U. Schlotterbeck, L. Antonietti, P. Zacharias, R. Thomann, J.C. Tiller, S. Mecking
    Hybrids of silver nanoparticles with amphiphilic hyperbranched macromolecules exhibiting antimicrobial properties
    Chemical Communications 24, 3018-3019 (2002)   Proceedings
  • S. Yan, I. Lieberwirth, F. Katzenberg, J. Petermann
    Microstructures in ultra-thin HDPE films prepared by selective oriented recrystallization
    State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Annual Report, 214-215 (2002)

2001 Peer Reviewed Articles

2000 Peer Reviewed Articles



  • P. Berlin, R. Rieseler, J.C. Tiller, D. Klemm
    Cellulose-based supramolecular recognition structures
    Papier (Heidelberg), 52, 737-742 (1998)
  • F. Katzenberg, I. Lieberwirth, J. Petermann
    Two types of graphoepitaxy of tellurium onto uniaxially oriented polyethylene
    Journal of Materials Science 33, 4787-4790 (1998)
  • F. Katzenberg
    Mikrostrukturelle Charakterisierung metallischer Aufdampfschichten auf Polymersubstraten
    Dissertation Universität Dortmund (1998)
  • I. Lieberwirth, F. Katzenberg, J. Petermann
    Nanostructured polymer films by electron-beam irradiation and selective metallization
    Advanced Materials 10, 997 (1998)


  • F. Katzenberg, H. Liebertz, J. Petermann
    Friction-induced molecular orientation of thin polymer films and bulk surfaces
    Sen-I Gakkaishi 53, 761-765 (1997)
  • F. Katzenberg, J. Petermann
    Oriented overgrowth of vapour deposited tin on highly oriented PTFE substrates
    Polymer Bulletin 39, 761-765 (1997)
  • J. Loos, F. Katzenberg, J. Petermann
    Epitaxial crystallization of linear low density polyethylene on high density polyethylene
    Journal of Materials Science 32, 1551-1554 (1997)


  • F. Katzenberg, J. Loos, J. Petermann
    A cross-sectional preparation method for TEM and AFM investigations on layered polymer interfaces
    Polymer Bulletin 39, 195-200 (1995)
  • M.Meuris, E.Hornbogen
    Training of shape-memory alloys
    in: “Fortschritte in der Metallographie”, Sonderbände der Praktischen Metallographie 22, 393-402 (1991)
  • M.Meuris, E.Hornbogen Heat treatment of ß-bronzes and ß-shape-memory alloys
    in: “Fortschritte in der Metallographie”, Sonderbände der Praktischen Metallographie 21, 299-309 (1990)
  • F. vom Wege, M.Meuris, E.Hornbogen
    Electron microscopic investigations of thin magnetic layers
    in: “Fortschritte in der Metallographie”, Sonderbände der Praktischen Metallographie20, 421-430 (1989)
  • M.Meuris, E.Hornbogen
    Lokalisierte Gleitung und interkristalliner Bruch in aushärtbaren Al-Legierungen
    Prakt. Metallogr. 13, 160-171 (1976)